Tainted Love


Prompt: Anon requested: threesome with demon!dean and soulless!sam
Author: http://fortheloveofmisha1974.tumblr.com/
Reader Gender: female
Word Count: 1,633
Warnings: cursing, rough sex, double penetration, maybe a little dub-con?

Quick and dirty lovin…Enjoy! :)

You had been very surprised when you saw Sam in your bar, especially without his brother, that was strange. But as you had started talking you realized something was different with him, he seemed more…..focused, confident and it was sexy as fuck. What started out as just a polite conversation, catching up, turned into a steamy makeout session that led you to where you are now.

Sam closes the door to the hotel room and pushes you back up against it. His hands skim over your body and up to your breasts, rubbing harshly, the fabric dragging across your skin. You attack his neck, sucking and biting on the tender flesh there. His hand slides back down your body to curl around your thigh, he pulls your leg up, securing it around his waist. You feel him growing harder against you and you grind your hips, earning a pleased growl from him. He lifts you and you wrap your other leg around his hips, his hands are on your ass and your hands are in his hair, pulling his head back so you can kiss the skin up underneath his jaw.

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